Fabric Quilting Can Be A Profitable Pastime
' Quilts and quilting have been loved by generations for lots of different reasons Originally designed as a way of providing warmth, the changing patterns and trends provide clues to the past, and have become part of the heritage of countless communities and cultures across the world

Experimenting With Quilting
I’ve never been much of a fan of blogs, finding my own life more interesting than that of others. That probably sounds self-centered, but how can I live my own life when I am spending time reading about other people’s lives? Regardless, every now and then, I’ll follow a link to a crafter’s blog and spend quite a bit of enjoyable time perusing their pictures and ideas. It’s a fun break from the daily grind.

Traditional Ways are the Best
My husband is at the one-months mark in an attempt to lose 50 pounds. He lost 11 pounds in the first month, which is encouraging, but he has also reached the point where he is very bored with his food choices. He has made it more difficult for himself by cutting out every bit of sugar that he has a choice about. While I am an excellent cook, there is only so much I can do with chicken breast, no oil and nothing with sugar. I keep trying to get him to eat a bit more varied diet, but he will not.

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